Online Defensive
Driving Course
Before you take this on-line class, we highly recommend that you talk with your Attorney or District Attorney to ensure an on-line class is acceptable and which course you need.  
4 Hour or 8 Hour sessions are available.

Registration Fee $5.00​
4 Hour $50.00
8 Hour $60.00
This information is not a substitute to talking with your Attorney or District Attorney.  To our knowledge, Gaston, Cleveland and Lincoln Counties will NOT accept on online class if you live in and or around the area.  Often out of town traffic citations are given the opportunity to comply with an online class with a personal attorney negotiating the arrangement with the District Attorney.  If you have an attorney and they advised you could do an online class, please feel free and confident to proceed.  If you have not received approval I caution you that the certificate may not be accepted in these counties if you live in or around the area.  The 4 Hour class is standard. The 8 Hour session is for Virginia Citations and if the Judge ordered a higher level.
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AAA Online Traffic Safety School: 
• Take on your own time, in the comfort of your home or office.
• Updated regularly to include the most recent information.
• Customer support available 24/7 to help you when you need.
• Complete at your leisure– the site remembers where you stopped.
• Your certificate will be mailed to the address you provide.
Ask your attorney if an email copy is accepted.
Do not pay extra for this option if the court will not accept. 
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4 Hour Session
8 Hour Session
Once you click submit click on your class.
Choose "Other county with permission"
Choose  " Free Delivery"
Call 704-419-2186 if you need help.

Once you have paid your portal fee and paid for your course, complete your course.  If you have any technical difficulties call the toll free number at the top of the webpage.  You can return again and again until you have finished the course.  We will gladly communicate with your attorney when you have completed the course if you need us to.  Please call 704-300-7048 should you need attorney communication.
We appreciate your business, Kathy Allen.